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Kickass Motor Mount From West Coast Choppers

West Coast Choppers Way

To get started we first needed to install the switch. WCC recommends this unit be mated with a CCI ignition switch part. Place the switch in the switch mount housing until the threaded end bottoms out.

The switch comes with two nuts: One for the backside to adjust how far the switch sticks out, and one for the outside to hold the switch in place. It looks like this when done.

This mount comes with pre-cut holes for a high/low beam switch. WCC recommends radio shack part # 275-325 that's small but strong, and fits nicely.

Here is the high/low switch run up through the bottom of the mount.

This is the switch from the top: Small, clean, and out of the way.

To install the motor mount we first needed to remove the head blots from both the cylinders.

The space between the frame's top mount bung and this top motor mount may require a spacer to fill the gap. Due to different motor and frame sizes, you will need to get or cut one to fit your bike.

This mount has slotted "jelly bean" style holes in all three bolt locations to allow adjustment for most applications.

Start with the frame mount then line up the two head bolts to the motor mount.

Then tighten all the bolts to factory spec. It is a good idea to use a small amount of threadlocker on all the bolts used, even on the switches.

And there you have it: a kickass motor mount from West Coast Choppers. With the right hardware this can be installed on your bike in less than one hour.

The Adjective "Eyesore" Is Giving Most Top Motor Mounts A Compliment.

They do the job, kinda, but look like someone finished the bike, looked back and said, "Didn't we forget something?" So why settle for a hatchet-job afterthought when you can secure your top end with one of these brutal units from WCC? This part is 1018 mild steel and comes raw and unpolished, laser-cut and hand-formed for a precision fit to Evo and Twin Cam machines. WCC Top motor mounts are hot-looking and provide the strength and support required for today's big-inch motors. Each mount carries its own strictly business switch hanger with stainless OFF/ON/START etched faceplate. These kickass top motor mounts sell for a measly 225 clams and can be ordered directly from WCC at The switch is NOT included and WCC recommends CCI ignition switch number 12203.


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