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Twisted Twin Custom

The Attention Doesn't Hurt

Jim Pacwa, of South Haven, Michigan, didn't build this bike because chicks might dig it, but as soon as he started riding it around, he found that the ladies definitely take notice. Originally, he just wanted a cool bike that was a little more exciting than the typical black Softail, so he started putting something together at his shop, Twisted Twin, also located in South Haven.

In order to get away from that stock look, a rigid frame was necessary. Jimmy wanted something that would kick the front wheel out, so he went with a Rolling Thunder hardtail built for right-side drive with a 4-inch stretch in the backbone and a whole lotta rake, 51 degrees to be exact. An '03 Meanstreet frontend with blacked-out lowers and triple-trees was extended 12 inches to make the bottom framerails parallel with the ground. A set of PM wheels were bolted to the chassis, a big shiny 21-inch wrapped in an Avon tire went up front and an 18x8.5-inch went in the back covered in a 250-series Avon. Knowing that he was going to use a chain final drive, Jimmy cleaned up the look of the rear of the bike with a blacked-out Tolle Sproter that does double duty as the sprocket and brake rotor. A PM rotor was bolted to the front wheel hub with a blacked out six-piston differential bore caliper providing the squeeze.

A polished RevTech 100-inch motor was selected to power this more-than-stock machine. Using a special grind Andrews cam and Crane pushrods, a Wimmer air cleaner, a Dyna ignition in a Twisted-Twin coil bracket, and a black powdercoated Wicked Bros. exhaust, Jimmy was able to get a few more ponies from the V-twin. Transferring power to the rear wheel is a BDL open belt primary and clutch, and a Baker right-side-drive transmission.

Twisted Twin is not a shop that is afraid to do metalwork. With a few of Jimmy's guidelines, Twisted Twin constructed a rear fender with internal struts, and a low-profile, tire-hugging fender fastened to the frontend. An Independent gas tank was secured to the backbone and the tunnel was filled to complete the smooth shape. The Twisted Twin team then molded the frame and Jimmy sprayed a few coats of orange pearl over it and the sheetmetal, followed by pearl flames.

It was time to get the bike on the road, but the bike needed a few parts first. Jimmy bolted on a set of Twisted Twin handlebars with dog-bone risers attached to the triple-trees above a Headwinds headlight. PM hand controls and mirrors were secured to the bars next, followed by PM foot controls and a Danny Gray seat.

Jimmy was real happy with the way the bike turned out -- it was a far cry from stock -- and as soon as he started riding it, he realized that it really grabbed people's attention. All kinds of people crowd around the bike everytime he parks it for a minute or two. Too bad for the girls at the local watering holes-- they get real disappointed when they ask for a ride and he has to tell them he's married.

The Vitals
Owner Jimmy Pacwa
Year/Make '04/Twisted Twin hardtail
Fabrication Twisted Twin
Assembly Twisted Twin
Build Time Six weeks
Size/Type 100ci RevTech
Cases RevTech
Flywheels RevTech
Rods RevTech
Pistons RevTech
Cylinders RevTech
Heads RevTech
Cam Andrews
Carb Mikuni
Ignition Crane
Pipes Wicked Bros.
Year/Type '03/Baker RSD
Case Baker
Gears Baker
Clutch BDL
Primary Drive BDL Open Belt
Year/Type '03/Rolling Thunder
Rake 51 degrees
Stretch 4 inches out
Swingarm N/A
Rear Suspension What for?
Forks Meanstreet
Extension 13 inches
Triple-Trees Meanstreet
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Wheels Front: PM 21-inch / Rear: PM 18x8.5
Tires Front: Avon / Rear: Avon 250mm
Brakes Front: PM six-piston / Rear: Tolle Sprotor
Molding Twisted Twin
Painter Jimmy Pacwa
Color Orange Pearl
Graphics Jimmy Pacwa
Chrome Plating and Polishing P.P. Plating
Powdercoating Pro Powder
Bars Twisted Twin
Risers Dog Bone
Hand Controls PM
Headlight Headwinds
Taillight Twisted Twin L.E.D.
Gauges N/A
Electrical Twisted Twin
Fuel Tank(s) Independent
Dash N/A
Oil Tank Rolling Thunder
Front Fender Twisted Twin
Rear Fender Twisted Twin
Fender Struts Internal
Pegs PM
Foot Controls PM
Seat Danny Gray


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